We operate on a simple yet crucial set of principles:

We demand and maintain transparent communication.
We manage a concise, wholesome, and collaborative creative process.
We back up what we say. Our word is our promise; our word is our guarantee.
We (you and us) are partners in development.
We operate as a company but function as a collective. Everyone on every level is involved.
We believe creativity must be effective, collaboration must be efficient, and these things must unite.

About Us

Greenacid Media is one of Australia’s leading website design and online marketing companies. We possess a dynamic, all-encompassing business marketing and development strategy. Our cutting-edge, full-service advertising agency specialises in marketing, strategy, and creative direction.

We have been leading the way to innovative website design and software development with our proven Web Design, Web Hosting and SEO packages since 2010.
Greenacid Media delivers premium, start-to-finish websites and online marketing strategies that ensures our clients have an online advantage over the competition. Greenacid sets itself apart from other web companies by developing its own web products that have been custom coded in house. The advantage of using our technologies is in refining our products, like AcidCloud CMS, which is one of the easiest CMS technologies to use on the web, utilising both feedback as reported back from our clients and expertise from truly outstanding programmers and marketers alike.

Greenacid Media specialises in custom-designed software packages. From that killer iPhone or Android app to complex corporate database driven systems, we have the knowledge and experience to implement your vision.

We offer the following services:


Web Design
Flash Animation
Art Direction
Motion Design
Web Redesign
Email Banner and Design


Brand Identity
Logo’s and Print


SEO (Seach Engine Optimisation)
PPC Advertising (Pay Per Click)
SMS Marketing
SEM (Search Engine Marketing)
SMO (Social Media Optimiastion)
Business Blog


Market Share Acquisition & Growth Management
Business to Business Marketing Strategies
Consumer Targeted Strategies
Geographic Expansion
Vertical and Horizontal Integration
Customer Acquisition and Retention
Onllne Marketing Campaigns
Product launch and distribution







Website Design

Looking to make a presence for your business on the Internet?

Our web designs not only look cutting-edge, they are. We design websites with forward compatibility, websites that continue to look sharp on all future browsers. We know that each project is unique, and thus we offer customised web design packages to meet your company’s specific goals and requirements.

At Greenacid Media, we believe that effective website design is a delicate balance between original aesthetics and functional strength. The purpose behind our designs is to communicate your brand to the end user in a way that will impact and motivate.

Greenacid Media creates websites that truly make an impact. Our highly trained staff listen carefully to our clients’ needs to help develop a website that is both unique and creative. Our web design process includes gaining a thorough understanding of the target audiences that will be visiting your site, gathering specific technical requirements, creating a functional and easy-to-navigate architecture, and creating a memorable, visual representation of your company that you can take pride in.

Website design is about communicating benefits, and to do this, a website must meet the following design criteria:

Functionality and aesthetics are intrinsic – design never negates function
The website’s design promotes user accessibility
The brand legitimacy is clearly formatted
The website is neither over-designed nor too complicated
Clear content and typography enhance the design of the website
The design and overall brand development is original and thought provoking
The end product is a culmination of the customer’s vision and Greenacid Media’s unique approach to website design

Greenacid Media is flexible and will mould the production process in a way that shall complement your timeline and budget requirements.

Greenacid Media designs sharp websites that produce sharp results. We are ready to meet all your project’s requirements and offer suggestions on how we can improve your initial web design concept together. Our innovative web designers and expert programmers work in tandem to create a strong online brand for your company.


If you feel like your website could use a new look, or your competitor’s website has a leg up on yours, maybe it’s time to consider using Greenacid Media’s redesign service. Changing the look of your website can have a huge impact on the success of your business as well as drawing in more customers. We can transform your site with an invigorated, crisp, professional appearance, giving your company a successful Internet presence. Greenacid Media delivers a refreshing new look that promotes clients’ products and services.


Two cost-effective ways to market your company are banner ads and emails. For a minor investment, you can get your company’s message in the mind of many. However, like all marketing initiatives, without a solid, 'set you apart from all the rest' design, these once cost-effective marketing strategies become a waste of your marketing dollars. We have the creative expertise and industry knowledge to catapult your online marketing into success.

Web Development

Additonal Web Services

Website Copywriting and Content Marketing

Your site’s content is the most important factor in garnering trust from your site visitors, and should thus be reader-focused and compelling enough to encourage action. Likewise, it should be unique, relevant, and interesting to your site visitors. Our professional website copywriters and Internet marketers possess the skills and talent necessary to create SEO-friendly website content that not only brings you new traffic, but also increases your online revenue by converting leads, boosting calls, and satisfying your customers. What’s more, our website content goes well beyond the mundane and trite keyword-stuffed copy that users have learned to ignore, ensuring content that is both attention-grabbing and captivating, while corresponding to the overall aesthetics of your website’s design.

Web Video Production

In this constantly-evolving Internet world, staying ahead of the competition is vital in setting your business apart and attracting customers. Web videos present your website content in a way that is unique, dynamic, and fun. Our crisp web videos are created by using experienced actors, professional lighting and production, and a concise and engaging script to deliver your company message with personality, confidence, and impact. Unique web videos increase your sales, reduce customer service expenses, and increase call-to-action ratios.

Website Usability Analysis

Wondering if your products and services are easy for your target audience to find on your website? Questioning whether something can be changed on your site to help more people easily find what your company has to offer? Let Greenacid Media answer these questions for you. Our staff can find the important answers to these questions and more via the website usability services we offer. Website usability involves evaluating your website and then enhancing it to make its content and interface easy for your visitors to understand. If your website is hard to navigate or gives visitors problems, the result can be the loss of additional visits and sales. Ensuring your site is usable to your visitors will help increase your business’s productivity and revenue.

Website Maintenance

Once a new website design is live, the project has not ended; rather, the needs of your site have changed. Keeping your new site fresh, accurate, and working well will maintain your company’s strong online presence whilst also increasing visitors and activity. Website maintenance is key to its ongoing success. Internet trends and technologies are constantly evolving and your business is ever growing. Greenacid Media website maintenance plans ensure your site evolves with all changing demands.

App Development

The mobile application market is one of the fastest growing, yet continually changing, business environments in the world. Our staff are trained to adapt to every new technological development.

Whether you want your app to work on iPhones, Androids, Windows, Blackberries, or whatever the new cool gadget is, our team can make it happen.

Our team will design, build, and launch your application to produce the best results and make sure your app is a success.

Fixed Pricing

We quote you a rock solid price, and that's what you pay – nothing more, nothing less - No surprises.

Constant Communications

Many tech companies have trouble communicating with their clients. We don't. We understand technology, but we also know that keeping our clients in the loop - in language they can understand - is a critical part of our mission. You'll know what we are doing every step of the way.

Next Generation Mobile Apps

We build apps that are designed not only to be up to date, but also to push the envelope of what is possible. You won't worry that you've ended up with an outdated app that uses old technology. You'll have an app that anticipates where that technology is going.

Graphic Design

Need a professional look?

The process of design begins with communication. The first step in graphic design is understanding the desired outcome. Whether you need a website, business card, logo, brochure, or stationary, each should aim to achieve the goal of marketing, branding, and selling you and your company or organisation.

No matter what the stage of your business, whether just starting out or long established, it is vital that you choose the identity design that represents your business and its values along with the products and services that your business offers to the marketplace.


Many small to medium-sized businesses fail to take adequate note of how they present themselves to the market and public at large. Humans are quite visual, and how your business is perceived by the market has a lot to do with the design of your communications.

Greenacid Media has helped some clients trademark their new logos. This service ensures your company has the right elements needed to pass the strictest of trademark requirements.

Greenacid Media can help your company make the right impression in the market place. Every aspect of the corporate ID design process is considered in order to achieve the optimum way of communicating your company philosophy to the market. Your new or refreshed logo and business name is tightly integrated into all business communications, from stationary and business cards to your website's graphics.


Without branding you're just competing on price

As a professional brand design agency, we understand the dynamics of online advertising. If your business were a book, your brand would be its cover, in online advertising, the ‘cover’ says more about your business than you might think. We ask our clients to trust us to create not only an effective brand but also a long-term branding strategy.

Brand Identity

Brand Identity specialises in the art of visual communication. With our innovative style, personal attention, and expert designers, we deliver powerful design solutions to help you sell, market, and communicate in a superior way.

Even before a project begins, our designers will work with you to gain an understanding of your needs and the challenges you are facing. We manage projects with attention to detail and flexibility. From brainstorming to deadline, our cooperative process will deliver only the highest quality product both efficiently and on time.

Research by the marketing and design sectors demonstrates that the driving force behind market leadership is how people perceive your company. Essentially, these studies show us that it is not really the price of goods or the features or attributes of the products and services that are most important, but rather that if your business has a strong, simple, and credible company image, people will opt for you as their chosen provider.

Need help with your web branding?

An effective online branding strategy enables you to say almost everything that needs to be said about your business. At Greenacid Media, we don’t just design websites, we develop inventive and thought provoking marketing and branding strategies, helping you to:

Reinforce the customer’s awareness your brand
Deliver your message clearly
Bring attention to your business’ benefits
Express your vision in a creative way
Communicate to your target market in an appealing way
Cultivate user loyalty
Achieve greater product exposure
Provide the customers with substantial information

Whether you require a logo design, a brand overhaul, or a new internet branding strategy for your business, we’ll help you with your public image. We offer a variety of basic and comprehensive online branding services. With Greenacid Media as your brand design agency, you can rest assured that your brand will make the impression you really want it to make.

SEO Marketing

Optimising your site to appeal to search engines will reward you with a better SERP (Search Engine Rank Position), not to mention increased traffic. We’ll look at the existing website design and present you with the best possible SEO solution.

If you're not on Google, your customers can't find you!

This is a statistic you can't ignore: 83% of consumers use search engines when they are looking for a business, product, or service. You are missing out on all these potential customers if your website does not rank high in search engine results.

We’ll equip your business for the online environment through our competitive SEO Internet marketing services. A great-looking website is only the first step to a successful online business strategy. The next challenge is to make sure users find your website before they find your competitors. This is where SEO will work its magic.

Why SEO?

Is search engine optimisation (SEO) necessary for your site? Absolutely. At Greenacid Media, we call SEO the fertiliser or nutrition that sustains online business growth. Most, if not all, users find online services and products through search engines.

Do You Need A SEO Internet Marketing Strategy?

Ask yourself: “do I need more customers?” At Greenacid Media, we optimise your website to be more visible and accessible. The higher your website ranks in a particular search, the greater the potential for attracting customers. Our main aim as an SEO service provider is to place your website on the top of the first page for your desired keyword or phrase.

What we offer:

We’ll provide you with a customised SEO service to suit your unique business needs.
We’ll identify those areas of your website that need to be amended, making sure your website is search engine friendly.
Using the keywords we have identified through market research, Greenacid Media will make the content of your website more visible and keyword specific, assisting you in gaining clients abroad and in your market demographic.

SEO marketing is vital in today’s competitive online advertising campaigns and we use in design, usability, and copywriting to assist your clients in reaching you first.

SEO Reporting

Greenacid Media's SEO services in London are also accompanied by our Google Analytics Services with an optional Google AdWords offering. Both services are respectively focused on providing information on your visitors and increasing market awareness about your business.

The SEO team at Greenacid Media have developed our own in-house system to implement and manage a complete optimisation program for your website. Our optimisation team will apply 'best practice techniques' to your website so as to achieve better results in the most popular search engines.

The program consists of the following components:

Initial assessment: Our expert team will analyse your website and suggest content changes to improve the way that search engines read your site.
Link building: One of the most important things you can do to improve your search engine position is get other websites of a similar nature to link back to you. This can be quite time consuming, and links of value might be hard to obtain. As part of our program, our SEO specialists will create a variety of links to your site from high-quality related websites using our state-of-the-art system.
Monthly progress report: After each month of our SEO program, the team will compile a report for you that outlines: your position in the three main search engines; traffic numbers from each search engine; the details of all the links we have acquired for your site, and; the improvement in your Google page rank. This report will also outline any strategies and changes we recommend for your website content in order to further optimise your site.

If you want to draw more traffic to your website and start getting better results online, you need to optimise your website. Our team of professionals uses the latest techniques and our own tried and tested SEO software to help you achieve this. If you would like to start getting more from your Internet presence, contact us about our SEO Management tool here.

AcidCloud™ Software

Simply Smarter Software

Greenacid Media's flagship software AcidCloud is a powerful secure cloud solution that was developed to drive the success of businesses throughout the web and in the real world by tailoring customised software solutions to your company. From real estate to cafés, we have the means to drive your company’s success.

AcidCloud was developed from concept over ten years ago and although it is very complex in its design and functionality, it provides the front-end user with a streamlined simple interface that saves time and money and increases productivity with its modules.

AcidCloud takes the trouble and pain out of software with automatic updates, so you can spend more time doing what you do best: running your business.

AcidCloud™ CMS

Greenacid Media’s exclusive Contact Management System. With years of research and development, this content management system (CMS) is very user-friendly. Streamlined to make the most out of your website, it allows you as the owner of the business to make the changes you want to make easily and quickly.

AcidCloud™ Booking

Greenacid Media’s online booking software. Hotels, motels, and corporate businesses with rooms that are in need of booking management. AcidCloud provides a solution with reporting capabilities, resource and catering management such as computers, televisions, or beds available in the room. AcidCloud's booking software can be viewed online from any web browser for the convenience of staff and consumers.

AcidCloud™ SMS

Greenacid Media's helpful SMS tool allows for quick and easy communication with both staff and customers. It can even send out promotions to your existing database. AcidCloud SMS allows you to communicate with your customers through any web browser direct to their mobile phones.

AcidCloud™ Registration

Greenacid Media's registration software is a platform for government institutions, schools, and businesses to offer course and event registrations. AcidCloud Registration software is Greenacid Media's cloud solution hosted online to automate the registration process.

AcidCloud™ Mailbox

Greenacid Media's Mailbox is AcidCloud's e-marketing and mail solution for businesses who are looking to take hold of their online marketing and generate more business through strategic marketing campaigns. AcidCloud allows you to build the layout of your campaign with pictures, videos, text, and links. Save and archive your campaigns for future use.

AcidCloud™ CRM

Greenacid Media's client relationship manager CRM is AcidCloud's comprehensive contact and relationship manager. AcidCloud CRM will help you maintain contact information and assist you in building and maintaining your business relationship with your clients.

AcidCloud™ Beauty

Greenacid Media offers tailored solutions to the beauty industry through AcidCloud Pretty. AcidCloud Pretty will help your hair salon, beauty clinic, or massage clinic maintain its client base and generate more business through strategic marketing, client relationship building, and integration into existing software.

AcidCloud™ Real Estate

Greenacid Media offers AcidCloud Property, a Cloud-based solution to the traditional real estate management software. AcidCloud Property will assist property sales by allowing you to upload new properties and make changes easily at the touch of a button, freeing up more time for dealing with the sale itself. AcidCloud Property also assists in day to day property management, whether it be corporate property management, body corporate, real estate, or even the private property investor.

AcidCloud™ Centre Directory

Greenacid Media's AcidCloud solution for shopping centres, AcidCloud Splurge will revolutionise the industry with integration of the centre directory to the shopping centre website.

AcidCloud™ Dealership

Greenacid Media knows the importance of after-sales care and servicing of vehicles. AcidCloud Dealership is the solution for dealerships, be they new vehicle sales, service, or used cars. AcidCloud provides the software you need to give your customers the best after-sales service, such as reminders about service of their vehicle or expiring warranties. It can also take care of organising brochure requests, campaigns, and test drive requests.

AcidCloud™ Finance

Greenacid Media's solution for the debt collection and finance industry is AcidCloud Finance. This assists in location, recovery, and collection of owned dept and collection of behalf of another company.

Social and Interactive Marketing

Our internet marketing services encompass:

Social Media Optimisation

Is your business ready to leverage the outstanding power of social media? Our designers have created a visually stunning presence for our clients across all of the major social networks, most notably Twitter and Facebook. If your company has no profile on these sites, you are losing a wonderful opportunity to connect with your customers. The first step to a successful social media presence is an aesthetically appealing profile.

Business Blog

Your business blog provides you with an opportunity to speak directly to your customers, existing and potential alike. As your website is the face of your company on the web and works to position your company as an industry leader, your business blog acts as an extension of that; it is thus vital to ensure your blog exudes professionalism, is consistent with your branding, and portrays your company accurately. Greenacid Media can design or redesign your business blog, all the while keeping these core principles in mind.

Pay Per Click advertising

If you have a new website or a low natural ranking website, a good way to start is to get Greenacid Media to create a PPC (pay per click) campaign though services such as Yahoo Search Marketing and Google Adwords. These services run pay per click ads in search engines like Google, Bing and Yahoo, situated on the right hand side as “sponsor links”.

AdWord accounts are set up with the search engine and are paid to the search engine that the campaign has been created with.

They have four main settings which are:

Budget: The amount of money that you are willing to spend on the campaign each day or month.
CPC or cost per click: The maximum amount that you want to pay per click.
Keywords: Words or sentences that refer to your business or products.
Geo targeting: The country, state, or post code towards which you are targeting your website AdWord campaign.

Greenacid Media can help devise an AdWord campaign that suits your needs and budget. We will monitor and analyse the results and make the necessary changes for optimum performance.


Speak to all your customers; reach the individual

Marketing techniques have come a long way since their inception. Here, we have one of the most effective modern methods. To put it simply, e-marketing, or electronic marketing, refers to the application of marketing techniques via electronic media and, more specifically, the Internet. The phrases e-marketing, Internet marketing, and online marketing are constantly interchanged and can often be considered synonymous. This method is the process of marketing a brand by using the Internet. It includes both direct response marketing and indirect marketing components, which make use of a range of technologies to help connect businesses with their customers.

Our e-marketing and email marketing strategies cater for everything, from small-scale promotions to large-scale enterprise campaigns.

Number one marketing tool

Email marketing is fast becoming the best marketing tool available to businesses. This is because it's easy, fast, and free to send emails, with a return on investment that is far higher than any other medium. It's not just for big businesses either; an email marketing system specially designed for small to medium businesses is one of the key tools in the Greenacid Media Database Marketing package.

Create and send professional bulk emails

Our email marketing software allows you to send blanket emails to your entire database of contacts by using a step-by-step wizard system. Simply input your content into the professional template created by our graphic design team, then choose your audience, and hit send. It will be in your clients' inboxes within minutes.

Versatile tool for any business communication

Email marketing is a great tool for building relationships with your current clients and attracting new leads. It's instant, personalised, linked directly to your website, and positions your business as the market leader. You can use this system to send newsletters, welcome letters, company updates, sales letters, effectively any type of communication. It's extremely versatile and as easy to use as Microsoft Word.

Email Marketing Features List

The email marketing tool includes the following features and functionality:

Built-in spam checking
Easy to create and edit
RSS feed or articles used
Easy 'unsubscribe' functionality
Contacts can update their own details
'Forward to a friend' link
Automatic bounce handling
Archive old campaigns
Create auto-responders and trigger emails
Personalise the email subject and body
Automatically publish the newsletter to your site once sent
'Read more' links from articles take the user to your website
Target your contacts with email filters
Easy database management

The tool also comes with an extensive reporting system which includes:

Click-through reporting
Multiple campaign comparison
Bounce reporting
Opens over time
Unsubscribe reasons
Bandwidth usage report

Greenacid Media's E-Marketing solutions are structured to achieve the following:

Reach your target audience in a cost efficient manner
Develop intricate recipient lists of your target market as based on demographic data
Connect directly to your company's database of names and email addresses
Create enticing HTML email messages
Track how many customers open your emails and click to your site
Produce informative reports on the progress of your campaign

Because e-marketing campaigns are ineffective without distribution and saturation results, Greenacid Media provides a tracking functionality that monitors and measures the performance of your campaigns.

SMS Marketing

Communicate with your customers anywhere and at any time by sending SMS messages to their mobile phones using this simple, cost-effective system.

Popular tactic to reach customers on the go

If you need to pass on urgent information to your customers or contacts, email isn’t always effective. A better option is to send an SMS message: a short message that is sent directly to the mobile phones of your contacts so you can reach them wherever they are.

Create and send bulk SMS messages easily

With the SMS marketing tool in the Database Marketing package, you can quickly and easily create your message, comply with Australian Spam laws, select your target market from your database of contacts, and send it out. You can send it instantly or even schedule the SMS to be sent at a future date or time. Sending SMS messages is a professional and efficient way to communicate with your customers, and using the Greenacid Media SMS marketing tool will save your business lots of time and money.

Some of the strategies you can use SMS marketing for:

Notify clients of deadlines
Send out special offers
Remind attendees of your event
Send a personalised birthday message
SMS Marketing software features
Easy to use
No software required
Personalise messages for each recipient
Receive SMS replies from your contacts
Meets Australian spam laws
Web SMS delivery notification
Search Engine Marketing

Sponsored listings and advertisements are the fast way to have your website appear on search engine results pages. Maintaining a presence in search engines, however, can be a costly exercise if you depend on this form of advertising alone. For the long term, your website should be listed naturally in the results pages; in other words, it should be optimised for search engines.

Greenacid Media incorporates a dual strategy for your company’s short and long-term presence in search engines results pages. Our Search Engine Marketing strategy begins by fully optimising your website for special key terms. The full effects of this optimisation can take a few weeks to a month. To bring in short term results, a sponsored listing or advertisement campaign is configured for the same special key words and managed by us. This will attract targeted traffic to your site until the work done to the website for optimisation produces results. At this point, visitors are referred to your site from the search engines for the long term.

Greenacid Media's search engine marketing experts are at the top of their field. The dynamic nature of marketing within search engines requires practitioners to ensure their skills are constantly updated with the latest strategies.

Greenacid Media can advise on the best ways to market your website for maximum returns. Below are some of the steps that should be taken in order to have your website compete with your top competitors.

Search Engine Marketing Steps

A professionally designed and coded website is the first step to marketing your website; having key elements will help the customer navigate easily to the desired product or service with minimal fuss. If your website is out of date, there is an 85% chance the customer will exit and, in turn, buy from a more current and eye-pleasing website. Out of date websites do not sell products as efficiently as do up to date and informative ones.


Without Marketing – you’re only competing on price

Greenacid Media’s strategy team combines diverse industry experience, marketing proficiency, and creative expertise to give your business the edge over competitors.

Our strategies are holistic in approach, integrating multiple marketing concepts in order to deliver high return-on-investment solutions. Our experience in this area means that our strategies are well developed on both a business and promotional level, thus ensuring that our clients can support and manage the outcomes of their marketing plan in an efficient manner.

Having a wealth of experience in entrepreneurial business development and in corporate relations, Greenacid Media can assist multiple business types from all industries achieve their goals, whether they are start-ups or established enterprises.

We are confident in delivering effective strategies in areas including:

Market Share Acquisition and Growth Management
Business to Business Marketing Strategies / Relationships
Consumer Targeted Strategies
Geographic Expansion
Vertical and Horizontal Integration
Customer Acquisition and Retention
Onllne Marketing Campaigns
Product launch and distribution

Greenacid Media’s strategy gives you access to a dedicated business and marketing division with one goal in mind: helping your business reach its full potential. We acknowledge that every business is unique, which is why Greenacid Media’s marketing strategy experts will custom design a plan that shall change the way you see your business.

Take your business to the next level with Greenacid Media’s innovative business development plans, marketing campaigns, and promotional strategies.


All of our marketing strategies are based on extensive research to deliver the most effective tactics. The strategy process starts with a business consultation for gaining a firsthand understanding of your goals, operations, and potential market opportunities.

From this initial meeting, our research department compiles a series of reports, including consumer profiling, market segmentation, and industry trends, to guide strategy formulation. Once completed, the strategy is presented to the business and the course of implementation is finalised.